Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fiction to the Power of 13

Today’s post is all about the number thirteen.  There are some stories here.  (13)
I don’t normally write flash fiction only thirteen words long, but I tried.  (13)
Challenges are sometimes fun, even when you fail.  It's all about personal growth.  (13)
And since there are no thirteen-sided Rubik’s Cubes, you will get these instead.  (13)

13 Word Stories

1. I'm a hand model.  My twin sister is an underwear model.  I’m prettier.

2. The rotary phone rang.  Only the police had the number.  I ignored it.

3. Paint her eyes green.  Blue’s empty?  Have her wear the yellow dress instead.

4. “Touch me, Daddy.”  His palm pressed the cold bulletproof glass.  "Maybe someday, Sweetheart."

5. “Make yourself puke.”  “You mean they’re poisonous?”  “Hurry!”  “But they tasted so good.”

6. The empty amber bottle hit the carpet.  Her breath stopped, the pain gone.

7. She chased him with the bloody knife.  They escaped the burning butcher shop.

8. It’s not a toy it’s a torture device.  The Rubik’s Cube is impossible!

If you love them, please comment below.  Otherwise, keep it our little secret.  (13)

Thanks Wahooo on Flickr for photographing this wild night in Chicago, it's awesome!  (13)


  1. Fantastic stuff there Jason! The talent you express in so few words? Incredible! (13) ;)

  2. Your comments certainly make my heart smile. Thanks for the wonderful praise, Maureen. (13) :-D

  3. Nice stuff. How's this for a new @flashfriday flash form: today's 12/30, so write 30 30-word stories. Next week, 1/6, write 6 6-word stories. On 1/13 write 13 13-word stories. Etc. You think we can get a new thing going? What should the hashtag be?

  4. Hi Joe, welcome to the blog, thanks for commenting! That certainly sounds like a fun challenge. How about #AreYouAmbitiousLikeJoe? ;-)

  5. Great! Now a follow up could be a thirteen themed story, any length : )

  6. Hi Louise, thanks for stopping by. So you're always looking for a new challenge too, huh?