About Me

Welcome to my Puzzling Mind.

I write fiction and solve puzzles like the Rubik’s Cube. I never take the easy path and enjoy being challenged. It has something to do with my rearing.

During early childhood, I was adopted by a pack of Chupacabras. Their apparent lack of organization frustrated me, so I sought to decipher their complex social hierarchy. I quickly became Alpha Male. Once I mastered one of life’s great mysteries, I left the pack to attend elementary school with humans. Shortly thereafter, the Chupacabras disappeared into obscurity.

While in elementary school I self-published a series of fantasy books. The stories were terrible, but I learned the craft of book construction and marketing – mostly to my new human family members. Encouraging an alternative to writing, my human family challenged me with mind teasers and intricate metal puzzles. My favorite was the Rubik’s Cube. Not one to back down from a challenge, I was determined to master both writing and puzzles.

And that brings us back here. I found the craft of writing to be as daunting as a scrambled Rubik’s Cube. But, once I wrote a good story, it felt just as rewarding as solving a difficult puzzle. I was hooked – on both.

On this blog, I share ideas relating to all things writing and all things puzzles. You may find a post of the occasional sighting of one of my Chupacabra brethren, but don’t count on it.

Thanks for visiting!