Thursday, March 8, 2012

This Is Not A Post – Or Is It?

13 Reasons I Did Not Write A Post Today
  1. Electricity has been out since last week
  2. Computer crashed
  3. Too busy
  4. Forgot my blog password
  5. In the midst of a covert government mission (oops!)
  6. Th3 l3tt3r 3 is brok3n on my k3yboard
  7. This post didn't pass editorial review
  8. Slept through the deadline
  9. Stuck on an airplane
  10. Out of original ideas
  11. My captors only allow 10 minutes of internet use every 8 days
  12. Couldn't find anything suitable to wear for the occasion
  13. I'll be back to the usual post.  It will be a 'Make up post'.
Maybe this counts as a post after all.

Have you let anything slip inadvertently?

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