Thursday, June 21, 2012

13 Single-Use Kitchen Gadgets

Protect Your Bananas Before It's Too Late!

13 Single-Use Kitchen Gadgets

  1. Banana Bunker
  2. Apple peeler
  3. Bread maker
  4. Cake stand
  5. Waffle maker
  6. Onion goggles
  7. French Fry slicer
  8. Lettuce knife - ordinary knifes cause browning
  9. Hamburger press
  10. Pasta dryer
  11. Orange peeler - I love this thing.
  12. Panini maker
  13. Bacon Wave (As Seen On TV)
And because I'm in a silly mood, here's a bonus item to help parents clean up in the kitchen (it's a baby mop):

Do you have a favorite kitchen gadget to share?


  1. Favourite kitchen gadget? Has to be the cafetiere. (coooffeeee...)

    1. Ah yes, or the french press as we call it here in the States. This is a great addition to the list because not everyone uses one of these devices. I usually see either the automated drip kind or simply a Starbucks drive-through.

  2. What's a banana bunker? Just somehwere to put your banana?

    1. It's a real product apparently, for safely transporting your banana.

      Personally I think someone was simply trying to fill the void after the Shake Weight jokes got old:

  3. Really nice kitchen product. The whole list is quite useful for ever home.